ING Bank (now known as VOYA) needed to increase brand awareness of their retirement offerings, and brand association with retirement in general. The “Orange Money” campaign provided a simple, visual way to identify the money you put aside for retirement—orange was chosen to reflect ING’s corporate colors.
BBDO handled broadcast and above-the-line media, we were tasked with bringing the concept to life online and to drive traffic to their website.
“Spinning Coin” / Expandable Rich Media Banner

Users are encouraged to roll over and spin the coin to see how long their retirement savings can last. A clock in the top corner measures the length of the spin — not in seconds, but in days, months and years.
“Hidden Objects” / Expandable Rich Media Banner

Having some fun with all of the tiny details and security measures contained on U.S. currency, we figured that Orange Money would contain retirement-themed hidden objects. After teasing the user with a couple of them, we encourage them to roll over for a closer look.
“Paper Airplane” / Expandable Rich Media Banner

|Users can fold their Orange Money into a paper airplane and use their keyboard’s space bar to keep it aloft as long as they can. ING loved this one, as it allowed the user to literally do what the campaign asks of you – take control of your money.
In social media channels, we created a series of "Orange Money Insights" that offered reluctant retirement planners motivational quotes and helpful tips in regards to investing.
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