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1988 Trinity High School Talent Show - The Toys https://youtu.be/Yphp3_afdr0
Immortal (Old Funeral) ❌ Rehearsal 1988 [Video] https://youtu.be/2u-sX4mAG88
Inglewood High School Talent Show 1983 Rock Band https://youtu.be/0030sm4GTi0
1983 Bourbon Street Contest - Loverboy Strike Zone - Stebbins High School https://youtu.be/wFiYa4ey2fU
Battle of the Bands - North Miami Beach - January 28, 1988 - PART 2 https://youtu.be/qvPjXK5oTpM
SKYLINE - Live at Jezebel's (10 5 90)-9  Queen of the Ryche https://youtu.be/jKpWS9Ctr30
Venus - Tempus Fugit (Candy Roxx) - LIVE Rehearsal 1986 https://youtu.be/92FcY12rghs
Valley Forge Talent Show 1987 https://youtu.be/Q1DpI92p23s
Traxx - San Jose, CA local band - rehearsal - June 10, 1982 https://youtu.be/cr9nGN_F64Y
Battle of the Bands - North Miami Beach - May 15, 1987 - PART 1 https://youtu.be/s5d6EtPUCtc
Ice Nine - What have I done now - 1985.flv https://youtu.be/yCFc0GkzbI8
Passage Basement Tapes 1983 Again https://youtu.be/meJ3vQqV6NI
Ground Zero
Pegasus McAllen Live performance 1982 https://youtu.be/Qthq6eir-cI
Vintage Clips  The  Dream Theater  as   Majesty  FULL  Basement Tape from winter,1987 https://youtu.be/pYWy7PBWwKU
Ten Minute Warning band practice 1990 https://youtu.be/PhvZbfRXJxU
The Reign rehearsal 1987 https://youtu.be/zMEXgD3f_yQ
RMS Band Rehearsal - 1986 https://youtu.be/RRkMYbv5v9E
Playing My Electric Guitar 1986 -(Weird Paul) video songs nostalgia music VHS tutorial 2016 https://youtu.be/3xWJ_HuIH5s
Software performs  Tomorrow  on cable access show (early eighties) https://youtu.be/YXThp9rsIRk
Excitement Of Searching band practice oct 21 1987 https://youtu.be/CRXlVX-FZUc
STETZ-LIVE IN WAYNE'S BASEMENT 8 20 92 https://youtu.be/ppNgnmCS5lo
SOWATT Band Practice & More Crack ups!! https://youtu.be/838FvmHbAws
1980s Teen House Party Gets Busted - Real Footage (1989) https://youtu.be/TfHF7F0y_vk
Thalidomide and the One-Armed Mongoloids - Chappaqua 1988 (politically correct-er edit) https://youtu.be/x5PyLij5dtA
Steve Braun Drum Solo 1989 https://youtu.be/FbrNzLVJ2fE
MALEVOLENT CREATION - REHEARSAL NY 1987 https://youtu.be/OvuFsnixUAk
Br. Mungle (Mr. Bungle) Eureka High School Talent Show (1985) https://youtu.be/e12iKth6Vkw
Battle of the Bands 1989 https://youtu.be/mTFRtMYpvp8
Battle of the Bands 1989 Nicolet HS
Eggroll performs  No Satisfaction  1987 on NY Public Access https://youtu.be/z9H1vzMaw3A
House Party Sept 27th 1986 https://youtu.be/vVgpid3hWao
1989 Northern California Battle of the Band Winners  The Phanatiks  Part 4 of 4 https://youtu.be/i5uGA8WZ3mw
Public Access TV Gold - Mystic Edge - 1992 https://youtu.be/CQGlFH0DCt4
Beggars Bones (1988) Playing  All along the watchtower  by Bob Dylan https://youtu.be/g0h4Z0PPDfw
Matrix - 1984 John Taylor Collegiate Battle of the Bands https://youtu.be/GWHlQbsBoHs
Worst or best 80s syth-pop duo ever! 1987 talent show San Diego, Tapestry Blue https://youtu.be/CVtyrMYFZUc
The Antics 1982 AM Mag Part 1 https://youtu.be/4YtV6SioZxU
Thom Drumming Pearl Red Maple Kit 1988 Double Bass https://youtu.be/h891cGBv3tA
Wake Me Up Before You Vomit https://youtu.be/slJ7nGn549U
The Fifth Column live in the Mundt Basement, 1982 https://youtu.be/BVDfh9JX6Xk
Down Avenue   1985 Music Home Video WBCN Battle of the Bands https://youtu.be/xZQVjjxpiUg
Pantera 1987 Anthrax Cover MADHOUSE https://youtu.be/c3N7jOQ-CtU
Paul Kane - Men Without Pants - Battle of the Bands 1989 https://youtu.be/KwoyhRhmVYw
Sympathy for the Devil_1982 Rock 'n' Roll Revival https://youtu.be/x2SVWYpDQzg
Centralia High School Talent Show 1989 https://youtu.be/dKftZu5FLHo
Destruction Of Corruption 1988 Lackawanna High School Talent Show https://youtu.be/IXQwLLrFkGw
LAPJAW Lapjaw Instrumental in D (C. Surgent) rehearsal https://youtu.be/wgwIKqnTF-M
Masque - Jefferson High School Talent Show - 1987 https://youtu.be/BaXtbef--Ow
Rawhead Rex (Eugene, Oregon) - Live at Satyricon (Portland, Oregon 1989) https://youtu.be/kZSCvy0HqXM
Tané McClure Band Rehearsal 1987 (4) https://youtu.be/ezJHnDTtKy4
Overthrill Live at the Channel Islands Battle of the Bands 24.11.1989 https://youtu.be/fvUpwKBLJ-I
NO HEROES-MIND BABY-1984 https://youtu.be/9goPjzzjGcM
Exhibition on cable access television, 1995 https://youtu.be/iy9r5czmgsM
Metalhead Teens in a Record Store (1989) https://youtu.be/IvHaL2BxqvM
80s Metalhead Kids Roam the Neighborhood (1989) https://youtu.be/IvHaL2BxqvM
Neighbor blogging Gil (Me) in 1988! and life in1988 https://youtu.be/JFsUkkYQOUw
Most Hilarious Air Guitar  from the 1980s https://youtu.be/Y89meSJiYAY
old VHS skateboard footage late 80s https://youtu.be/46v-TKPIo_U
A Day In My 1980s Teenage Life (1988) https://youtu.be/1P2QLLNGT6s
1989 Jericho High School Video Yearbook https://youtu.be/VAmzV6aqvMs
Lunch and Homecoming 1988 https://youtu.be/zBTiVz0AVWg
1980s Teens Having Fun While Parents Are Out For The Night (1987) https://youtu.be/9LY0q1M9sLM
CHS 1989 COOKEVILLE MALL Part 1 https://youtu.be/_yiMsKYeeUU
Two Guys Being Fools In A Jackpot Food Mart (1989)
1980s Teen Homemade Rock Video (1988) https://youtu.be/3hIOzSn5Npo
1986ish in our basement Tony Pileggi, George Curtin, Rich Dudziak & John Herring https://youtu.be/QgGaLtYYey8
Problem Child -1981 Hingham High School Talent Show https://youtu.be/EEDC5okFwfY
Burnt Toast at Pikesville High, Baltimore, Maryland, Spring 1989 https://youtu.be/7NFknYNvivc
1985 Band Practice https://youtu.be/9Dd0ikI588o
Creation - SLRHS Talent Show 1982 https://youtu.be/6r4gAE-392s
catch 22 at the 1988 e roosevelt alumni talent show https://youtu.be/bz9jrl4G6wA
Die Kreuzen - IN SCHOOL live on local cable access tv 1983 https://youtu.be/pdbT73scCmE
Calvary Chapel Christian School Talent Show https://youtu.be/Gpq7eukars8
Blues Deluxe - 50th Birthday Blues https://youtu.be/m6RHkt17tTk
Live at Mr. Tom's 50th Birthday Bash https://youtu.be/0BM7hA1KQk4
Bryan Adams Summer of 69 https://youtu.be/Xe_PIfokr1g
Band Practice... don’t judge. https://youtu.be/D_kmgOWggfs
An Evening with Old Man Noize https://youtu.be/5BLuM4b7bwk
Band practice when your bassist is bitter. Like Paul. https://youtu.be/4lJsBkyKUl0
dad's impala   midnight train to memphis https://youtu.be/ms4BPaNnKSI
Go On Red 30 Year Reunion 2018 https://youtu.be/9srXTgTCd7U
A Good Band Practice Night! https://youtu.be/ul5UMa3Bd7o
Local Band (Alexi Laiho) Sunglasses at Night solo play through. https://youtu.be/elf4qUcGgBM
Vada's Rockhouse Band Practice https://youtu.be/iR8mUPZ7wB8
Power Nation - Virus (Heavenly cover) - Band Practice (Feb. 2017) https://youtu.be/-ZP9jsGZhCg
Best Live Cover Bands 2019 - Mountainview, California https://youtu.be/DhGR-mxSzO8
LC Rocks - Rock Band Performance - Using JamKazam https://youtu.be/G4SSNHkGcfg
Funhouse -  Love Potion  - quarantine cover https://youtu.be/PplLYCZrUZQ
Concussion - Global Extinction (Band Practice) https://youtu.be/7sEkOnT4GRE
Me practicing for America's Got Talent 2016 with new Martin DX1R guitar https://youtu.be/M7uF_4q9-qg
Brassneck @ The Mix 27 03 16 https://youtu.be/WpbG9htgDRM
Alice's Playthings Band Practice Small Room Basebin Studio https://youtu.be/XWrYlGiAFyE
The Fate Of Angels - TRIFFID - 30th Reunion Show - 10 14 17 - 4K https://youtu.be/4rZgOAp9EH4
Reaching a milestone age https://youtu.be/xffP179Pp6g
Willess - Contagion - Live from Quarantine https://youtu.be/v9M2N9ozw9s
Your Dad's Band Billy Jean https://youtu.be/cBgpfsmmjLo
Band practice vlog # 10 https://youtu.be/7IlVPYOeS9M
ACE performing Takin' Care of Business - PHS Class of 80 reunion, Preston Idaho in 2015 https://youtu.be/5TaB2UVKCtA
Ariel 51 Band Practice  Goofing Around https://youtu.be/9wyOEWkwUB4
Pride And Joy Dougs 50th Birthday Jam https://youtu.be/70ooyd5BXRI
The 80s Suck Band Practice 2 Sets 8 Track Audio Recording and Multi Camera Mix. https://youtu.be/6lADfIt0rp8
Noondayson plays at Terry's 50th Birthday Party on 9 18 10 -Video5 https://youtu.be/oM3byDt7Shs
Southworth's 50th Birthday - Act 4 - Mick's new guitar gently weeps. https://youtu.be/AFCVSeMHmUo
Power Nation - Virus (Heavenly cover) - Band Practice (Feb. 2017) https://youtu.be/-ZP9jsGZhCg
The Last In Line (Dio vocal cover RELOADED, all vocals are me 100%) https://youtu.be/NLKPU-HyvNU
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