Virtual Wallet is an entirely new approach to seeing, managing, and growing your money. To demonstrate its features, we created characters inspired by typical monthly expenses—Mortgage Payment, Student Loan, Credit Card, etc.—and showed how Virtual Wallet puts you back in the boss’s seat.
“Dave’s The Boss” / TV :60
Director: Phil Morrison
The success of the initial campaign led to a second round of executions, with new video content, as well as display banners and social media posts. This time around, we focused on individual features of Virtual Wallet such as Wish List, Spending Zone, and Money Bar.
“Entertainment Expenses” / TV :30
Director: Clay Weiner
“New Home Down Payment” / TV :30
Director: Clay Weiner
“Trip to Madrid” / TV :30
Director: Clay Weiner
“Vintage Electric Guitar” / TV :30
Director: Clay Weiner
“Night at the Opera” / TV :30
Director: Clay Weiner
A series of display banners brought the expense characters to life online.
"Decaf No-Foam Soy Macchiato" / Standard Banner Ad
"New Smart Phone" / Standard Banner Ad
"Mortgage Payment" / Standard Banner Ad
In addition to giving consumers a new way to think about their money, "Be The Boss" expanded iCrossing's relationship with PNC from merely a search client (SEO, SEM) to agency-of-record for Virtual Wallet, their flagship product. 
The success of this campaign ultimately led to the acquisition of PNC's social media business as well as integrated advertising duties for their philanthropic initiative, PNC Grow Up Great.

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