The dorm room defines freshman year. Every student imagines having a room that feels personal, that fits their style, that they will not just survive in, but thrive in. That’s where Walmart comes in. “Project Dream Dorm” gives students and their moms the inspiration and tools they need to create their perfect room.
"Welcome to Project Dream Dorm" / Web Video
We picked five incoming college freshmen, hooked them up with five professional designers, and sent them first to Walmart, then to school to design their dream dorm rooms.
"Meet Chelsea" / Web Video
"Meet RJ" / Web Video
"Meet Christiana" / Web Video
Rich media banners (with sound—click to play!) drove to a custom YouTube channel that featured the videos.
"Project Dream Dorm – Epic" / Rich Media Banner
"Project Dream Dorm – You" / Rich Media Banner
The custom YouTube channel featured a series of video profiles of the students and designers, and the before-and-after results. In addition, viewers could learn about featured products and purchase them from
A Custom YouTube channel featured videos from five incoming college freshman, as well as the products they choose to design their dream dorms.
Visitors could purchase the items featured in the videos by clicking "Shop Now" which took them to

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